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Friday, January 21, 2005


Beyond Clueless

You see quite a bit when you are wandering around online. Some things are interesting, others funny, some very frightening, others just make you scratch your head and wonder what this person or that person was thinking, like this post on a thread in the "Books" folder in Salon's message board.

The person mentioned in that post isn't just clueless. She's downwright dangerous. People wonder why our country is is the state it is in and people like her are the reason. Want to bet who she voted for, if indeed she could even be bothered to vote at all? (Hint: it probably wasn't that guy with the Purple Hearts and combat medals from Vietnam).

OK, lady. It's like this. World War II was a really, really, big event that happened back in the last century, the 1940s to be exact. It involved literally hundreds of millions of people and killed tens of millions of people. There was this really, really bad guy in World War II named Adolph Hitler. He was really, truly bad news and words like "evil" and "genocide" really don't quite adaquately describe what he was all about.

Yes, you can say that Hitler had "something to do with the Jews" but saying that is like saying that Columbus guy you might have read about in school, if you were paying attention (a proposition which I find very difficult to accept, given your pathetic state of awareness of world history) in class, had "something to do with Indians."

Yes, Hitler had "something to do with the Jews." He tried to kill them, not just a few of them, but all of those he could get his hands on. He succeeded in killing six million Jews and around five million or so other victims at places like Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Dauchau, and others.

Here's a big hint for you. Go to your local library (you know, that building with all the books in it?), go to the catalog and look up the subject heading "Holocaust."

Then go get some of those books and do a little reading. I think even Danielle Steele would approve of you setting her books in order to educate yourself about what happened sixty years ago in Europe.

You see, there are still people alive today who remember what happened then. They were there and they might be a bit, um, 'annoyed' to say the least, at your appalling ignorance about matters like this.

Learning. Try it sometime. You'll like it.

On the picture about the little Iraqi girl I posted yesterday, I got sent a Newsday article in email (which article I can't reference at the moment and don't have the URL handy) explaining a little more of the context of the incident. Basically, the reporter was with a bunch of US soldiers on night patrol when they saw this car coming along toward their direction. So it wasn't a checkpoint, but the results are still the same. Cultures (both military, American, and Iraqi) clashed for a brief, tragic moment, and two Iraqis are dead, leaving behind their children who will now have that much more reason to hate us.

I suspect the soldiers involved with this incident will never, ever, 'get past' or 'get over' this incident. It will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives and possibly one or two or more of them will end up dead, either by suicide or driving themselves to drink (which amounts to the same thing) over this.

This whole thing is beyond insane, and if you voted for Bush, this is what you voted for. I sure hope you're happy about it because I for one am not and much of the rest of the world isn't either.

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