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Saturday, January 01, 2005


A New Year: Time for a change

Happy New Year, everyone.

Let's make this the year that all of George W. Bush's chickens come home to roost. It's long past time for him to face the consequences of what he's done and it's long past time for us to stand up to him and speak our minds.

In that regard, we have one last chance to put a roadblock in the way of him and the Republican Party in their march to retain their grip on power.

January 6th, this Thursday, is the day that Congress meets in joint session to certify the electoral vote. Usually, it's a boring excercise in tedious reading of each state's electoral vote, followed a unanimous vote by Congress to certify that vote. Once all the votes are tallied, the winner is announced, to no surprise.

This time it's different. Right now, there are several representatives in the House of Representatives who are prepared to sign the written declaration of objection to certifying Ohio's electoral votes. The election in Ohio is suspicious, to say the least, and almost certainly fraudulent. At the very least, Congress should vote up or down on whether to accept Ohio's electoral votes.

I think they should vote Ohio's electoral slate down. What the representatives need is at least one senator to sign the objection with them in order to force Congress (and the Republicans) to vote on the issue.

Contact your senators now, today. Ask both of your senators to sign the form that will force Congress to face the truth of what we're dealing with:

George Walker Bush and his criminal cabal of neocon nutjobs are destroying this country and have to be stopped.

This is our last chance to do exactly that. Failing that, we can only hope to blemish Bush's aura of "inevitability" and "leadership" with the stain of illegitimacy and hope that will dog him for the next four years.

We have to stand up to this man and the men behind him or else this country is history.

You said it, big guy!

Thanks for all the Xmas loot, by the way -- it will all come in handy!
yer most welcome, PW!

Did your copy of the Ester Republic arrive yet?
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