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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Allah's Soldier: A Sunni Sniper Tells His Tale

Shit. this guy fancies himself to be an Iraqi version of Vassili Zaitsev, the Russian sniper in WWII who dispatched many a German soldier in the Battle of Stalingrad and on whose exploits the film, Enemy at the Gates is based.

It would seem he's pretty good at it too.

And there are probably quite a few Shi'ites in Iraq who are cheering this guy on, even if he's a Sunn'i because he's killing the infidel Americans who have invaded and occupied their country and killed their fellow Iraqis by the thousands.

And he's likely to become a hero amongst them for what he's doing to our troops.


Thank you, George Walker Bush, for bringing this mess on.

May God have mercy on you. The people of Iraq will not.

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