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Saturday, February 05, 2005


The Truth About Rummy (That He Does Not Want to Face)

Hm. It would seem from reading this article on Truthout that Donald Rumsfeld isn't particularly eager to face justice in a German court for the prison scandal (among other war crimes he's responsible for) if he attends that security conference in Germany next week.

I wonder, has there ever been a time when a senior American official is hesitant to visit an allied country because he might be arrested there for war crimes?

Remind me again what is wrong with this picture. Rummy's a coward, pure and simple; and the idea that he might have to face the consequences of what he has wrought scares him. It should.

Rummy, you're a war criminal. Even if you never ever see the inside of a court to face justice for your crimes, it still does not remove the fact that you have committed crimes against humanity and against the American people.

Somehow or another, I think that realization will haunt you for the rest of your existence on this planet.

Sleep well, if you can.

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