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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Ann Coulter: Can't Take The Heat, Eh?

Well, after a monthlong hiatus, I'm back.

Ann Coulter was giving a lecture at a university in Kansas. People in the audience started tossing hardball questions at her when it came time for "Q and A" and she couldn't deal with actual criticism of her agenda and philosophy.

Read this thread on DU for more background on the story and what really happened.

Then watch this clip from a local television station to get the "mainstream media" spin on it.

Basically, she got heckled, and since she has such a thin skin, she walked off the stage rather than face criticism.

(that and she was asked which is bigger, her Adam's apple or her dick)

But, I digress. This shows again what a wackaloon wingnut she is.

Ann, get a clue (and a life while you're at it)

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