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Saturday, April 30, 2005


April showers mean May flowers?

This has not been a good month for His Chimpliness.

Bad news from Iraq, bad news on his Social Security "reform" blitzkreig, bad news about Tom DeLay, basically bad news wherever he turns.

It's been a veritable April shower of bad news these past 30 days.

Perhaps this might mean all these turd blossoms he's been unwittingly avoiding will blossom into full flower in the month of May?

One can only hope and we can (and will) continue to work to expose the hyprocrisy and stupidity of the Bush cabal at every turn.

They must and will pay for what they have wrought.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Gannongate Lives Again!

Just when the White House thought it might be past them, Gannongate rears its ugly head and comes back with a vengeance.

This time it is not going away, I don't think.

This time around, it's more serious because this time it is now apparent that James Guckert was at the White House on a number of occasions when there were no press conferences, "presidential" or otherwise, scheduled anywhere in or near the White House?

So what was he doing there? I'd say it's long past time for Congress to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the matter and find out exactly what he was doing there.

Private "interviews" with White House staffers? Exclusives with Karl Rove? Gaining access to classified material he had no clearance to see?

Enquiring minds want to know.

This is our house, this is our government and we have a right to know what was going on here.

Pass the popcorn. This is only going to get better and better.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


His Most Excellent Majesty, George Walker Bush, The King of Kings?

Back in the days of absolute-power royalty (we're talking the Middle Ages here, precisely the time Bush and his cronies would like to drag the United States back to) when the King would pay a visit to some provincial town or capitol, the local officials would scurry around to make everything look spic and span for the ruler's visit.

They would clean up the streets, sweep up the sidewalks, round up all the bums, vagrants, homeless, etc. and generally make the place look pretty so His Most Excellent Majesty would not have to see or hear anything unpleasant.

Well ... looks like we're back to the good old days, as this story in the Lincoln Courier attests:

Bush coming to Lincoln Museum dedication


SPRINGFIELD — President Bush and his wife, Laura, will travel to Springfield Tuesday for the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, the White House confirmed Friday.

The president and first lady will tour the museum, and Bush will speak at the 11 a.m. dedication ceremony, a White House spokesman said.

The visit will be brief. Bush has events scheduled at the White House Tuesday afternoon.

"It’s obviously very exciting and it really honors this project and the city," museum executive director Richard Norton Smith said of the presidential visit.

"Everything will be brief," Smith added, "including his remarks and the ceremony."

Following Friday’s announcement, at the request of the Secret Service, city crews began removing street lights, traffic signals and trees near Union Square Park, site of the dedication ceremony. The poles and trees could obstruct the view of government snipers who will be protecting the president, city spokesman Ernie Slottag explained.

The trees are to be replanted after the ceremony.

The Federal Aviation Administration also said it would restrict flights over Springfield from 9:40 a.m. until 12:55 p.m. Tuesday.

Mayor Tim Davlin called the presidential visit "the kind of thing you dream about when you’re planning this, a year or two or three or four years ago. ... That added national exposure and worldwide exposure is just going to be wonderful to do a good kickoff for the museum."


Every person attending the ceremony will have to pass through a metal detector. Backpacks, chairs, umbrellas, strollers, food, beverages and other items are banned. The complete list of banned items is listed on the backs of the tickets.


So let's get this straight: the Boy King will be paying a three- or four hour visit to Springfield, he and his entire entourage will be whisked through the city, he'll have a whirlwind tour of Lincoln's museum, he'll have a photo op at the dedication where he'll read Karl Rove's words being fed to him through his earpiece, and then he and his whole entourage will fly out of town like the wind immediately after the ceremony is concluded.

And they're taking down streetlights, cutting down trees, cordoning off the city center, etc. just so His Fraudliness doesn't have to worry about "assassins" sneaking in to his handpicked crowd of supporters and GOP stalwarts?

What is it this guy is afraid of, exactly?

Us. He's afraid of having to see or deal with Ordinary 'Murkans who might have a few things to say to him.

He's afraid of the truth, is what it really comes down to.

This is exactly why we're looking like a nation of fools to the rest of the world. Can you for even one minute imagine Clinton having to do something like this?

He'd tell the Secret Service to lay off on the tree-cutting thing and he'd go out and mingle with the crowd because that was what he did as president.

He understood what it means to be a leader. Bush doesn't.

We've already seen plenty of this since Bush and his cronies hijacked the White House, "First Amendment" zones, checkpoints six block down the street, protesters being arrested for doing nothing but wearing anti-Bush t-shirts, etc. so this won't be the last.

Welcome to Bush's AmeriKKKa, formerly the Land of the Free.

Monday, April 11, 2005


A Tale of Two Pictures, Again

Remember the infamous picture of Saddam's statue being toppled right after the US took Bagdahd two years ago?

That picture served as the Bush cabal's perfect vehicle to symbolize the PR blitz about the invasion and war. Throngs of cheering, grateful Iraqis pulling down the bronze statue of the hated, despotical dictator Saddam Hussein while American soldiers cheer them on.

Here is what Americans saw on that day.

Well, it turns out the picture was actually a staged event, as carefully choreographed and planned as a World Wrestling Federation "fight" and was taken in what the movie people call "ECU" or "Extreme Close Up" focus.

When you pull the camera back a bit, here is what that square actually looked like in the wider shots.

Then, just recently, thousands of Iraqis came out to protest the occupation. They descended upon that square and inundated it with people.

Quite the contrast, eh?

Anyone want to take bets on if the "mainstream media" will bother with reporting on that contrast and discussing that contrast in great detail?

(cue sound of crickets chirping)

I didn't think so either.

They're too busy sucking on the Chimp's member to bother with pesky little things like facts.

They're a bunch of tools.

That is all

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Spring has Sprung!

Well, at long last, it seems to be spring in these parts.

The puddles have returned.

It happens every year around this time of year. The sun returns, the snow starts melting, and the puddles come back. It may be spring on the surface but it is still deep, dark winter underground, where the storm drains and catch basins are.

So, every year, we start getting big puddles where the drainage basins are still frozen up, like the one over by Beaver Sports that formed over the past few days.

I wandered over there from B&C Laundromat ('tis time for my bi-weekly pilgrimage down to B&C to feed the Almighty Laundry Gods and keep them happy for another two weeks) to check it out.

It was about half the size of Lake Superior. Both drainage basins (the one next to Beaver Sports and the one across the street by Hot Licks were still frozen solid. The puddle was deepest there and was so deep, it covered the entire street. The only way to see the centerline was when cars went through the puddle and waves washed over it. Those same waves splashed up on the sidewalk on both sides of College Road and for fifty feet or so on either side of the puddle, the sidewalk was black with water.

It was fun watching the cars approach the puddle, slow down, and gamely make their way through it, most of the cars, at least. Some of them just went plowing straight on through, splashing up enormous rooster's tails of spray on either side.

A work crew from the the Department of Transportation was up College Road, working on a puddle up there near the Oaken Keg (though that puddle was smaller). They had their big work truck, hot steam points to thaw the ice with, and traffic cones galore.

When I was finished with my laundry, I went driving over to College Road and I could see them setting up in Beaver Sports' parking lot, preparing to do battle with Lake College Road.

I suspect that lake's days are numbered after they're finished with it.

Friday, April 08, 2005


A Tale of Two Pictures

First, this picture:

Then, this picture:

Who looks more presidential?

Or, put another way, is the Boy King steamed that the Big Dog is upstaging him? Does a bear relieve itself in the woods?

For little Georgie, it always has to be about HIM and no one else.

Anyone have ideas for captions for those pictures?

Thursday, April 07, 2005


The Bugman Falleth? At Long Last, Is Tom Delay's Karmic Bitch Catching Up With Him?

Ah yes, The Bugman's got himself in a little heap o' trouble, yes he has. He's had quite a few ethical 'problems' that are now starting to catch up with him in a big way. He climbed on board the Schiavo Express, coattails flappping in the wind, sword at the ready, charging off after ephemeral windmills only he could see, and taking the Republican Party along for the ride (even though they didn't exactly go unwillingly) all the way straight down the cliff.

And now he's realizing just what a pickle he's gotten himself into.

Poor Tom Delay. Let's make him the face of the GOP, shall we? Hang him 'round the necks of the Republican Party like the decaying, putrifying albatross he is and force them to play Peter and try to deny they ever even knew him, their fellow hypocritical political bedmate.

Let's further the fun by encouraging him to stay in to the bitter end against his enemies. Let's call his constituent offices and/or his Washington office and tell his staff that we're "loyal 'Murkans outraged at this high-tech lyching of a great, decent American and we want the Senator (wingies usually get those things wrong, gotta stay in character), to hang in there" and that "we're praying for you all the time."

Here's his contact information just for your edification.

Washington DC Office
242 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Ph. (202) 225-5951
Fax (202) 225-5241

Stafford, Texas District Office
10701 Corporate Drive, Suite 118
Stafford, TX 77477
Ph. (281) 240-3700
Fax (281) 240-2959

Webster, Texas District Office
711 W. Bay Area Blvd. Suite 410
Webster, TX 77598
Ph. (281) 557-8855
Toll Free 1(800)759-5748
Fax (281) 557-8899

You know what to do. Pass the popcorn and let's have a little fun!

Poor, poor, pitiful Tom DeLay, victim of his own arrogance, hubris, and stupidity (cue sound of violins). Let's help him to bring down as many of his fellow Reich-wingers as possible, shall we?

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Iraq 2005: According to Dahr Jamail, It is a Hellhole

Last week, Dahr Jamail came up here to speak about the Iraq war and the situation in Iraq. This visit was part of his speaking tour of the western US and took place over Thursday and Friday of last week.

He spoke at the Carlson Center, in the same side room where UAF holds the reception for the graduating class every year (the graduation ceremony itself is held in the main auditorium of the Carlson Center).

The room seats around 450-500 people and was roughly half-full. There were two slide projectors hooked up to his computer, one on each side of the room so people on either side could see clearly. Dahr stood in front of a podium on a dais at the head of the room, right between the screens for the projectors.

The first thing he talked about was the general situation in Iraq. It sucks, to put it quite simply. There is rampant unemployment, daily car bombings, the infrastructure is collapsing, and the Iraqi population is growing more and more angry by the day.

He addressed the pathetic situation of the Iraqi health system. It, like most of the infrastructure of Iraqi society, is falling apart as well as the roads, bridges, electrical system, and all the rest. Trained specialists are leaving in droves because they are becoming targets themselves of gangs of Iraqi kidnappers. Kidnapping has become the crime of choice in Iraq (with nearly 70 percent unemployment, people have to do what they have to do to survive, I guess) and people like those doctors and other specialists are increasingly becoming the targets of those kidnappings.

As they leave, the people left behind in the hospitals have to deal with a greater and greater patient load with fewer and fewer resources available to them. Things like hypodermic syringes, gloves, bandages, medicines; just little things like that.

Because the water situation is so bad (water purification plants having been bombed, water lines destroyed, etc.) the Iraqi population is increasingly unable to obtain potable water. The water they do get is teeming with various diseases and toxins. So, they drink bad water, get dysentery, cholera, typhoid, diahrrea, or whatever, and then have to run the gauntlet of the "modern" Iraqi health system, with predictable results.

And their relatives get angry at the few doctors left and more often than not, take that anger out on the doctors and nurses at the hospitals and clinics, including beating them up and/or killing them in some cases.

Then he talked about the shitty situation in Fallujah. The US military has essentially cordoned Fallujah off from the outside world and in essence, made it into an outdoor prison. Something like 65 percent of the buildings in Fallujah have been destroyed. Those who want to go back there first have to get an ID card from the US military. Then they have to try and piece together the shattered remnants of their lives, under the ever-watchful gaze of the US military, while they pitch tents at the sites of their former homes.

Fallujah was never a hotbed of pro-Saddam activitiy, quite the opposite. So much so that during the invasion two years ago, there was no fighting there. Initially, they welcomed us as liberators from the tyrannical Hussein regime.

We very quickly wore out our welcome there. Resistance to our occupation began to occur there, first sporadic, then growing. Instead of trying to deal with it judiciously and humanely, our military fanned the flames by cracking down. Then the contractors got killed there last year and our GOP-owned media made it out that the entire city of Fallujah was complicit in that attack.

So, we cracked down and started bombing the city into rubble. The first time was in April/May of last year, and then in November of last year. Dahr was able to get a picture of what's going on inside the city by making contact with people in the city who have managed to slip in and out of the cordon around it. Western journalists are no longer allowed in the city at all, so he can't get in. He can only rely on information from his contacts there.

Suffice it to say, what has happened to that city is a war crime. Period.

He had a number of very graphic slides and pictures taken in the streets of Fallujah and in the main morgues in Bagdhad and Fallujah. Those pictures are horrific, to say the least.

The bottom line is this: what has happened to Iraq was deliberate, calculated, and is a war crime by any definition of the term.

We're responsible for this because we didn't stop it. Our tax dollars are going to pay for this. We're paying for this, in ways we can't even begin to imagine and will do so for years and years.

We had an open house at the peace center downtown. It was a potluck affair, and there were about twenty or thirty of us all told. Dahr spoke a little bit there about his plans for the next few months and was quite gratified at the turnout and enthusiasm Fairbanks showed for him on Thursday.

I had a chanced to talk to him for a little bit. I asked him about the report he'd posted on his weblog a few months ago about the alleged war crime committed by US troops. I told if that doctor has evidence of that, then that evidence needs to come out because that is a war crime. Period. He agreed and had written to the doctor asking him to present any and all video evidence or testimony about that incident. He has not heard back from that doctor. Yet.

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