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Sunday, April 17, 2005


His Most Excellent Majesty, George Walker Bush, The King of Kings?

Back in the days of absolute-power royalty (we're talking the Middle Ages here, precisely the time Bush and his cronies would like to drag the United States back to) when the King would pay a visit to some provincial town or capitol, the local officials would scurry around to make everything look spic and span for the ruler's visit.

They would clean up the streets, sweep up the sidewalks, round up all the bums, vagrants, homeless, etc. and generally make the place look pretty so His Most Excellent Majesty would not have to see or hear anything unpleasant.

Well ... looks like we're back to the good old days, as this story in the Lincoln Courier attests:

Bush coming to Lincoln Museum dedication


SPRINGFIELD — President Bush and his wife, Laura, will travel to Springfield Tuesday for the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, the White House confirmed Friday.

The president and first lady will tour the museum, and Bush will speak at the 11 a.m. dedication ceremony, a White House spokesman said.

The visit will be brief. Bush has events scheduled at the White House Tuesday afternoon.

"It’s obviously very exciting and it really honors this project and the city," museum executive director Richard Norton Smith said of the presidential visit.

"Everything will be brief," Smith added, "including his remarks and the ceremony."

Following Friday’s announcement, at the request of the Secret Service, city crews began removing street lights, traffic signals and trees near Union Square Park, site of the dedication ceremony. The poles and trees could obstruct the view of government snipers who will be protecting the president, city spokesman Ernie Slottag explained.

The trees are to be replanted after the ceremony.

The Federal Aviation Administration also said it would restrict flights over Springfield from 9:40 a.m. until 12:55 p.m. Tuesday.

Mayor Tim Davlin called the presidential visit "the kind of thing you dream about when you’re planning this, a year or two or three or four years ago. ... That added national exposure and worldwide exposure is just going to be wonderful to do a good kickoff for the museum."


Every person attending the ceremony will have to pass through a metal detector. Backpacks, chairs, umbrellas, strollers, food, beverages and other items are banned. The complete list of banned items is listed on the backs of the tickets.


So let's get this straight: the Boy King will be paying a three- or four hour visit to Springfield, he and his entire entourage will be whisked through the city, he'll have a whirlwind tour of Lincoln's museum, he'll have a photo op at the dedication where he'll read Karl Rove's words being fed to him through his earpiece, and then he and his whole entourage will fly out of town like the wind immediately after the ceremony is concluded.

And they're taking down streetlights, cutting down trees, cordoning off the city center, etc. just so His Fraudliness doesn't have to worry about "assassins" sneaking in to his handpicked crowd of supporters and GOP stalwarts?

What is it this guy is afraid of, exactly?

Us. He's afraid of having to see or deal with Ordinary 'Murkans who might have a few things to say to him.

He's afraid of the truth, is what it really comes down to.

This is exactly why we're looking like a nation of fools to the rest of the world. Can you for even one minute imagine Clinton having to do something like this?

He'd tell the Secret Service to lay off on the tree-cutting thing and he'd go out and mingle with the crowd because that was what he did as president.

He understood what it means to be a leader. Bush doesn't.

We've already seen plenty of this since Bush and his cronies hijacked the White House, "First Amendment" zones, checkpoints six block down the street, protesters being arrested for doing nothing but wearing anti-Bush t-shirts, etc. so this won't be the last.

Welcome to Bush's AmeriKKKa, formerly the Land of the Free.

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