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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Spring has Sprung!

Well, at long last, it seems to be spring in these parts.

The puddles have returned.

It happens every year around this time of year. The sun returns, the snow starts melting, and the puddles come back. It may be spring on the surface but it is still deep, dark winter underground, where the storm drains and catch basins are.

So, every year, we start getting big puddles where the drainage basins are still frozen up, like the one over by Beaver Sports that formed over the past few days.

I wandered over there from B&C Laundromat ('tis time for my bi-weekly pilgrimage down to B&C to feed the Almighty Laundry Gods and keep them happy for another two weeks) to check it out.

It was about half the size of Lake Superior. Both drainage basins (the one next to Beaver Sports and the one across the street by Hot Licks were still frozen solid. The puddle was deepest there and was so deep, it covered the entire street. The only way to see the centerline was when cars went through the puddle and waves washed over it. Those same waves splashed up on the sidewalk on both sides of College Road and for fifty feet or so on either side of the puddle, the sidewalk was black with water.

It was fun watching the cars approach the puddle, slow down, and gamely make their way through it, most of the cars, at least. Some of them just went plowing straight on through, splashing up enormous rooster's tails of spray on either side.

A work crew from the the Department of Transportation was up College Road, working on a puddle up there near the Oaken Keg (though that puddle was smaller). They had their big work truck, hot steam points to thaw the ice with, and traffic cones galore.

When I was finished with my laundry, I went driving over to College Road and I could see them setting up in Beaver Sports' parking lot, preparing to do battle with Lake College Road.

I suspect that lake's days are numbered after they're finished with it.

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