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Monday, April 11, 2005


A Tale of Two Pictures, Again

Remember the infamous picture of Saddam's statue being toppled right after the US took Bagdahd two years ago?

That picture served as the Bush cabal's perfect vehicle to symbolize the PR blitz about the invasion and war. Throngs of cheering, grateful Iraqis pulling down the bronze statue of the hated, despotical dictator Saddam Hussein while American soldiers cheer them on.

Here is what Americans saw on that day.

Well, it turns out the picture was actually a staged event, as carefully choreographed and planned as a World Wrestling Federation "fight" and was taken in what the movie people call "ECU" or "Extreme Close Up" focus.

When you pull the camera back a bit, here is what that square actually looked like in the wider shots.

Then, just recently, thousands of Iraqis came out to protest the occupation. They descended upon that square and inundated it with people.

Quite the contrast, eh?

Anyone want to take bets on if the "mainstream media" will bother with reporting on that contrast and discussing that contrast in great detail?

(cue sound of crickets chirping)

I didn't think so either.

They're too busy sucking on the Chimp's member to bother with pesky little things like facts.

They're a bunch of tools.

That is all

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