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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Which one are you?

It's long past time for me to update this blog with a new post for the new year.

I was just reading this editorial over on crisispapers.org yesterday.

Mr. Partridge lays it all out. Basically it comes down to this: either you understand the peril our country is in or you don't

Too many liberals and internet activists simply don't understand what we're up against. The Republicans are no longer playing from the same rulebook we're using. They have fixed the game such that we can no longer trust the integrity of the electoral process.

Their operatives now own the companies that make the machines that count the votes. If they have their way, we will no longer use paper for our ballots. When that happens, we can forget ever having free and fair elections in this country ever again.

If we do not stand up to them now, there will be nowhere left to stand when the time comes to stand up to them. That time is now and we are the people to do it.

Do not assume that all of us on this side of the issue are "wild-eyed conspiracy theorists" bent on undermining Bush's "election" (I am putting that in quotes because I believe his "election" is about as legitimate as an offer from Engr. Michael Okumbo, son of the late Nigerian dictator Gen. Sani Abacha to give you the sum of $21,000,000 [Twenty-One Million Dollars U.S.] in overbid oilfield service contracts) and partisan whiners who can't get over losing an election.

We didn't lose the election. We won. They stole it and we're now forced to deal with that fact.

Bush and the Republicans are thieves who have stolen three national elections in a row and are well on their way to stealing a fourth unless we do something about it.

Certainly, we need to organize for the 2006 elections, but get what? That's not enough this time around. We need to stand up to them and stop them.

Which one are you? A gulliberal with your head in the sand or someone who knows tha the Republicans have to be stopped at whatever the cost.

I'm not a gulliberal. Are you?

If you are, get ready for the day when the jackbooted thugs come knocking on your door to take you off to the "re-education camps" they will have set up in the Utah desert somewhere far away from prying eyes.

Get ready for the real world to come crashing into your little fantasy. While you're worrying about "getting our message out" or how to "reach swing voters" they are putting in to place the mechanisms of an overtly facist police state.

I for one know where I stand on this. Do you?

We must stop them or else it's over.

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