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Sunday, October 01, 2006


FoleyGate: The Karma Fairy Giveth, and the Karma Fairy Taketh Away

This is a gift. Our old friend the Karma Fairy has come along and ripped away the nice, neat facade the Republicans have manufactured to cover the real face of their party and exposed the steaming, malodorous pile of horse manure underneath the mask.

Here we have a guy (Mark Foley) who regularly trolled the internet, looking for teenaged boys to be his next victims. And the "leadership" of the House did nothing to stop him or alleviate the situation by asking him to resign. They knew about this for more than a year and they did nothing.

This man is a serial pedophile who may have hurt, mentally and emotionally, many young men who put their trust in him. The Republicans can't blame this on the Clenis. Bill Clinton had nothing to do with this nor was any Democratic office-holder involved.

They own this scandal lock, stock, and barrel. All we have to do a mere month out from the election is remind people of who they're supporting when they support Republicans.

These people are hypocrites who have shown time and again that they can't be trusted with power. It's long past time to kick them out of the halls of power and send them to the curb to be thrown out with the other garbage of history into that famous dustbin of history.

When they tell voters that they are "Keeping Us Safe From The Terrorists" we just have to come back with "And you are you doing about pedophiles.

It's time we take back our government from these fools.

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